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Palestine Children Videos
( +20,000 children are killed by Israhell occupation in Palastine/Gaza within 230 days )
(+45,000 civilians are killed, they are mostly women and children)

We have +1000 videos, but we are taking longer time to verify each clip before we share it.
Total Video Plays by Faucet: 975,939 (counter update daily)

This gallery is a message to the FAKE organizations called "Human Rights Watch" and "Children's Rights"
180 Days passed and no action, but "green light" to continue genocide in the occupied Palestine.

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some children were able to survive, but 15,000 others not.

Notice: we've sent email to HRW on (Feb 7, 2024) regarding the genocide in GAZA, will update this page with all emails/replies to verify if this organization is real or fake.